Offer massages

Relaxing and erotic massage - "the best offer”" 120pln/60min
Nuru massage (nuri-nuri): “Nuru” is the Japanese word, which means “slippery”. Nuri-nuri is a very sensual and relaxing massage, in which a masseuse performs the treatment using her entire naked body. Her tempting movements guarantee the strongest experiences.
Lomi-lomi massage: this is a beautiful and harmonious massage derived from the Hawaiian tradition. “Lomi-lomi” is a Hawaiian “rub in, rub in”. It is a very relaxing form of massage designed for all men, who seek relaxation. In contrast to other massages, during this procedure a masseuse uses mainly forearms what will ensure you unforgettable experiences.

Relaxing and erotic massage: duets, trio from 250pln/60min
This form of the massage will allow you to double or even triple the number of your experiences! Imagine two or even more attractive, sensual and alluring women, who wriggle and wipe around your body and massage it according to your wish. Now these dreams can come true thanks to the visit in the Massage Clinic!

Massage for couples:
- two persons are massaged by a masseuse 200pln/60min
- two persons are massaged by two masseuses 280pln/60min
- one of the persons massages a partner together with a masseuse and learns the massage 200pln/60min
- one person is massaged by a masseuse and a partner. The aim of this variety is to present you appropriate techniques that can be able to use by the couple in the future 200pln/60min

Relaxing massage 140pln/60min
The massage carries out in a gentle and calm way. It has a relaxing and pleasant character. A masseuse strokes your body using olive giving relief for tight muscles and extra energy to life. In order to achieve a full state of relaxation, various essential oils, relaxing salts, honey and relaxing music are used for this type of massage.

Classical massage 120pln/60min
A very popular form of massage, where a masseuse in a determined and powerful way stimulates your body. Her firm touch will ensure you unforgettable experiences.
HOT STONES massage - this therapy is based on the unity of body, psyche and spirit. Heat of stones relaxes muscles and stimulates circulation allowing for a more intense massage. Hot stone massage is deeply healing. It introduces into the body harmony, balance and peace of mind. This treatment is recommended especially for people, who are particularly exposed to stress, anxious, depressed, having muscle pains. Honey massage: Honey will clean your skin and strengthen the immune system thanks to its extraordinary properties. This form of massage has a relaxing nature.
Lymphatic massage - it stimulates blood and lymph circulation improving the condition of the entire body.
Masaż limfatyczny - pobudza krążenie krwi i limfy, poprawiając stan całego organizmu.

Massage at home from 250pln/60min

Our masseuse will arrive to your home or to the hotel.

Other massage on customer’s request from 140pln/60min

During the massage, each client receives a clean towel and disposable flip-flops and blanket. Each studio has a place for personal items. Customers can use a shower before and after the massage.

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