Massage studio

Each place should have an appropriate climate. In our clinic, thanks to sensual and oriental décor, everyone will fell relaxed right from the beginning. We have three spacious, equipped with massage beds studios for the massage. Two of them are designed to perform massages by a larger number of persons (duets, trio). One studio is a secluded and intimate place, where everyone will be able to spend a great time with a relaxing touch of our masseuses. Each room is equipped with lockers, in which our customers can freely store their personal items. Thanks to candles, incense sticks and sensual bed-lines, everyone will empathize with the climate of this place. Moreover, our clinic has a fully equipped bathroom with a shower cabin and toilet. Each time, each client receives a clean towel and disposable flip-flops and blanket. At the entrance, there is a reception and a waiting area, where you can comfortably wait for your turn.

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